Aisin Timing Belt Kit Review-Facts You Should Know

Aisin Timing Belt Kit Review TKF- 006

Do you know which part of your combustion engine is rotating the crankshaft and the camshaft? Yes! That toothed-like belt, more professionally called roller chain or timing belt . The belt contains teeth on its inside surface. Aisin timing belt kits are mostly used to open and close the engine valves at the right time.

Nowadays most of the production houses of automobile engines unmistakably use the timing belt. The timing belt is the replacement of the gear drive. It works better than the gear drive said by the engine designers. The timing belts placed the camshafts at the right time and execute the crankshafts farther.

Moreover, we covered the best Aisin timing belt kit review which are available in the market. This lighter aiming belt is more moderate, will operate more silently, and yes most important at a cheaper price. So go through it and understand which are more suitable for your automobile.

Aisin timing belt kit with water pump review – TKF 002

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The style of the idle bearing will fix above the types of engine. The idle bearing is performing to drive the force of the crankshaft, remove noise, decrease the amount of belt slippage problem. It also works for minimizing the layout of the belt. 

There is one belt that wraps the engine parts such as the water pump, alternator, and power steering parts. In one word idler and the tensioner bearings are essential elements, to run the whole system properly. Aisin timing belt kits provide that unique material, suited with any kind of idler and tension bearings.

Leakings are the usual and tedious problem of engines. The Aisin timing belt kit with a water pump ensures leaking prevention. It uses carbon ceramic mechanical seals that work great on leaking dilemmas. These particular seals are full of tungsten carbide, alumina oxide. Such elements are working in leakage conditions. The manufacturers ensure that these seals are never drained of the oil and always fight with the leakage obstacles.

It comes with a new energetic body design, an upgrade from KTF-002. The whole part of the outer surface is covered with carbon seals. This is mentionable that all ceramics of carbon seals are not the same. These specific seals are a combination of thermal conductivity and shock resistance. 

Overloading water in an engine can damage the engine parts and fuel tanks. Comparison of diesel water has less thickness. The Aisin timing belt kit with water pump odyssey ensures providing the right amount of water pressure. Engine-specific water means that does not be the reason for overloading in the engine.

The size and weight are covers with aluminum technology. This die-cast technology is working for reducing the ultimate measurement of the timing belt. it delivers smoothed and accurate metal parts. This process is corrosion-resistant and conductive. By a high-pressure system molt the metals and mold them.

Best Features  Of TKF-002 Aisin timing belt kit

  • Guaranteed leakage prevention
  • Carbon ceramic mechanical seals
  • Suited in idler and tension bearing
  • Manage the overloaded water
  • Measurement decline from aluminum die-cast technology
  • Powerful body design
  • Original equipment suited with all kinds of bearings
Pros of TKF-002 Aisin Timing Belts
  • The original car engine timing belts and the Aisin timing belts are made in the same place, in Japan.
  • These kits must arrive with complete instructions.
  • No installation problem.
  • Perfect fit for honda odyssey.
  • All the parts will match with the OEM.
Cons of TKF-002 Aisin Timing Belts
  • A little bit costly.

TKF 006 Aisin Timing Belt Kit Review

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The Aisin timing belt’s key features make the engine more powerful. If your engine is tired by running more and more or it begins to create problems in the midway, so, not anything it just needs a timing belt which makes it more energetic. The timing belts mostly work to run the engine more smoothly.

This manufacturer is very popular in the whole world for their great initiative and updated version of timing belts. In the water pump world, the Aisin timing belts are the leader, they gain their ability by being experts. They always try to come out with a variety of kits. Their models, engine, well-working kits are more engaging and give the buyer more satisfaction as well. 

They minimize the measurement of belts as per their size, weight or height, but do not sacrifice in their more comprehensive representation. Cause it’s looking are more powerful and easy to install. they took the most recent die-casting technology. This technology works in the advanced aluminum formula. This mentioned formula basically use for producing kits extra powerful or further workable in a smaller size.

Water pressure is an extreme problem of the engine, overload the engine with water is a common issue for any kind of engine. This timing belt is guaranteed to not overload the water ever. The right amount of water it will provide. 

Leakage is a more common and well-known issue for an engine. For this leakage problem, most of the drivers got fade up with their engine. But if you do not provide good manufacturer timing belts then how do the engines work better? By keeping the leakage problem in mind this timing belt manufacturer carries carbon ceramic seals. These mechanical seals specifically work for preventing the leakage problem.

The body design of this timing belt is strong enough. they make the belt stronger by using mechanical seals which are covered with carbon-ceramic. That makes the body design of the timing belt more secure and powerful compared to the last one.

Best Features of TKF 006 Aisin Timing Belt Kit Review

  • Minimize the size by using die-cast technology without doing compromise its performance.
  • Prevent engine water load
  • Enhanced and updated the design of the body.
  • Remove leakage problems with mechanical seals which are made of carbon-ceramic.
  • Make the water pressure more particular with the engine.
Pros of TKF 006 Aisin Timing Belt Kit
  • High-quality kits.
  • All the parts are special and made from japan.
  • All parts will run smoothly.
  • Whole timing belt kit is same as the picture.
Cons of TKF 006 Aisin Timing Belt Kit
  • This kit may don’t include a spacer which is useful for a jump guard.

TKF-004 Aisin timing belt kit review

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Another member of the Aisin timing belts family is TKF-004. The manufacturers are always tried for bringing new and upgraded timing belts. In the automotive industry, they always experiencing new things and coming with new versions of belts. For many years they gathered a lot of knowledge in this area. 

The technology of automobiles is improving day by day as their experience is upgrading also. Aisin is making long-lasting products. The timing belt of Aisin makes the engine more powerful and stronger.

The Aisin water pumps dedicatedly work to prevent the excess load of water. Nowadays these timing belts will produce in thin sizes. But it does not compromise its performance. The materials of its body are stronger than any. they are using the die-cast technology so far. 

These advanced technologies will make the timing belt more smooth. These features made the Aisin timing bel more persistent.  Also, the body features come with:

  • Mechanical seals are made of carbon-ceramic.
  • Suitable rotors
  • Ball bearings 

The body design of the timing belt is more durable. It resists corrosion. All the materials are of high quality. That’s why the timing belts can be used for a long time. the users of Aisin timing belts are satisfied for this very reason. 

All the essential kits which are needed to install a timing belt will come in this combo. But the thermostat may not come. Any kind of local shop and auto parts will arrange the thermostat as well. From the bearings to the water pump, the full work will be done with these components. 

But do not think this timing kit is the OEM, all the components are made in Japan, not in China. The kits produced by Mitsubishi will work well. All the components of this timing belt are labeled. The water pump material is made of aluminum. The timing belt removes the hotness of engines on summer days. The fitment of this timing belt is accurate.

Best Features of TKF-004 Aisin timing belt kit

  • All the components are made in japan.
  • The water pump is covered with an aluminum cast.
  • Remove engine overheating problem.
  • Perfect amount of hydraulic pressure.
  • Can be paired with a thermostat gasket.
Pros of TKF-004 Aisin timing belt kit
  • Without a thermostat, the timing belts arrive with all needed components for installation.
  • The Aisin is a Japanese automobile parts supplier.
  • Greatly packed.
  • This kit provides 3 pipe water pumps for the oil cooler.
Cons of TKF-004 Aisin timing belt kit
  • Sometimes it may create a little sound.

Buying guide

High-quality performance: if I talk about the best automobile water pump supplier then every time the Aisin will be the first. This company has more knowledge compared to any. This timing bell is provided all the advanced and high-quality performance. The die-cast technology is the most upgraded technology, used with lightweight aluminum. The belt is popular for its quality nature. Such as-

  • No Maintenance is needed
  • It Makes the engine quite
  • Protect from the sun
  • Perfect solution for Overheating problem
  • Best repair solution
  • More reliable

that is why the Aisin became a more powerful company day by day. They are upgrading their products rapidly. The combination of timing components and the water pump will be the best solution for automobiles. All the high-quality techniques are used but they do not compromise the performance. By being advanced they gradually minimize the size of the belt but the power and the energy are swiftly growing.

The stability:

All the Aisin products such as idlers, pulleys, and tensioners have fatigue resist power. These kits also have the strength of corrosion resistance. In the whole industry, the company is well recognized for its smooth finishing. The advanced formulas are:

  • All the channels have coolant flow
  • Covers with Carbon ceramic mechanical sealings
  • Have the power of persistence
  • Smooth finishing
  • The right amount of rotors

Upgraded parts:

Aisin always tries to develop and upgrade its products. They are coming up with more long-lasting and effective kits. When a customer installs the kits they always find the number one service. The kits provide more engine performance and use the appropriate amount of fuel. it also increases the safety and the comfort of the users. Aisin is a global powerhouse company and so popular. All around the world, they gain popularity.

Faith on Aisin:

do you know the Aisin got 4 high-honor industry prizes? This is the first Japanese company that has gained the coveted Deming award also. They use more upgraded cutting edge technology compare to their competitors. The brand is not stopped yet, day by day they are upgrading the quality of their kits and hold the position of premium automotive components in the world. They always try to give precision-made products. 

Warranty: the Aisin company warrants their product in two ways. 

  • If the products defected in 12 months
  • If the workmanship of the products are in 12000 mils

When the product is delivered then the warranty period begins. This warranty will be applicable from the time of purchase. But they will not give a warranty to those kits which are defective for-

  • Improper maintenance
  • Incorrect installation
  • Misuse
  • Neglect the instruction

The Aisin will repair or replace the kits if with no service charge. Under these terms and conditions, Aisin will fulfill its promises. 

FAQ About Aisin Timing belt

Does Aisin provide thermostat seals or the camshaft seal?

It will arrive with the thermostat seal, not the camshaft one. The time of installing the camshaft seal is not necessary. After buying that you won’t regret it.

Does all the pulley contain double bearing?

Yes, all the parts have a double bearing in the pulley system. It is included all the OEM parts.

Are all the components are made in japan?

Yes, all the parts are high quality and made in japan. They will arrive the same as your original one.

 What specific parts are included in these kits?

All the needed components. They are a timing belt, water pump with rubber gasket, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, and hydraulic tensioner. They are an exact match for and original equipment.

Final words

For any vehicle system, Aisin is the number one company without any doubt. They are producing a complete range of parts and full accessories. The company is created in 1965 and since then they are delivered all the upgraded and powerful technologies in the automotive industry.

All the Aisin products have the cooling, braking, and chassis parts. For producing such advanced formula they become more reliable and providing number one quality. Undoubtfully we cover the whole Aisin timing belt kit reviews. We researched a lot about the company and do not found any aggressive negative side at all. These kits must fulfill customers’ necessary.

Faceing any problem to use Aisin timing belt kit? Contact with plumber in cork, we will help you.

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