Contitech Timing Belt Review

Contitech Timing Belt Review : 3 Best Timing Belt Kit

Are you a black lover and trying to pick one complete boxed timing belt kit? I understand your confusion and can give you a perfect solution. The Contitech timing belt can be your best choice. Timing belts kits all equipment must need to be high quality, as the users have to re-install it after completing a long milage. In addition, This timing belt will be the best fit for those who are looking for a unique color. Even more, this is a complete series full of OE components. So here is the Contitech timing belt review. I hope you find your solution and make a clear decision.

Contitech Timing Belt (product Summary)

The Contitech black series timing belt is a complete kit for those who want to install it independently. However, do not be hesitant to do so. The water pump provides a metal impeller too. 

Buying guide

High-quality original product

All the quality components are included in this kit. At the same time, Contitech always gives original and OE components. Sometimes or somehow, the customers took one or two bad quality timing belts from the market. However, If you do not understand what are you looking for to get an excellent timing belt, you have to be educated in this term.

Even though CRP promised this timing belt that it always gives high-quality products and superior service, you will never find any low-quality parts of it. During the timing belt running period, you will never be stressed.

For your information, this timing kit is used in the world’s most prominent automobiles, including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, BMW, and non-European brands like KIA, Nissan, and Hyundai. All the products are backed.

Complete synchronous parts

Whatever you need to do the complete installation, all the kits are available in this black series. All the parts of this timing belt are original and will meet all your requirements. In fact, if you need a quick installation without calling a mechanic, this timing belt will be your best choice. 

The Contitech timing belt provides a belt from the original dealer. But you do not find any Audi logo in it. If the product is good, then why do you care for the logo? Right? This will give you everything, from water pump to idler. 

The water pump also has a metal impeller. So it is the thing you won’t be found in any other brand. The metal impeller makes the timing belt longer lasting. And give extra high quality as well.

One complete box

If you are feeling tense about a complete and easy installation, what else do you need? Then the Contitech does not give you a chance to get tensed. You just need the box of the Contitech timing belt, and all the needed components will be in your hand. Then if you are a little bit know about installing and matter about the engine, you can fix it with no chaos. This is an easy and complete solution for you.

Vehicle specific

To buy a good quality (expensive) timing belt, you first need to know if it fits your automobile engine or not. Indeed timing belts need to choose between two features high-quality products and long-lasting. Before you start searching, you have to be sure about the specific model of your engine.

Imports internationally

If you live in a European or a non-European country, do not think about the delivery process. The Conititech manufacturer is giving assurance to deliver the timing belt domestically and internationally. For all the Asian and European countries, they have the fastest delivery ability. Also, they gain a reputation for the quick delivering process.

Advantages of Contitech timing belt (results)

The main advantage of the Contitech timing belt is that you won’t find any difference between the genuine timing belt and the Contitech timing belt. The only variation is that Contitech cannot provide the real logo or sticker as the genuine one. So do not bother about the logo and keep trying to enjoy the original timing belts—anyway, who needs this short paper cut.

The Contitech timing belts will still be suitable after running a long mileage. Replacing this timing belt can make you hesitant as it is a tricky job. So if you are not working in a car ever and do not know more about the engine, call a mechanic to install it. You can replace it with a rubber hose. So this suitable comprehensive and will steal your heart.

This kit has a water pump. Also, the uncommon reason is this water pump is made of a metal impeller. You found 10-12 timing belts company, but metal impeller is a unique attachment of Contitech timing belt.

Every bearing of the Contitech timing belt comes from different countries. But users get more attracted to their excellent service. All the origins are installed and the Passat must be running great. But after installing, please arrange a coolant. It must need. Then it will be long-lasting and of high quality.

You also have been found to guide pulley bolts. This guide gives you the direction of what you have to do to install the timing belt by yourself. All in all, this is an optimal kit and fits exactly. Also, this timing belt is 100% recommended.

3 Best Contitech Timing Belt kit

There we reviewed the 3 best contitech timing belt kits or belts. We provided all the necessary information below.

#1 ContiTech CK334LK1 Black Series Timing Belt Kit

The black series kit by the brand Contitech, provide all the original product. All the kits of that product are high-quality equipment. As like these kits are same as the original product so it has no chance of being broken in a little time use. For a timing belt to repair quickly the users need all the synchronous parts. So if you are looking for all the kits in one place then Contitech is the best product for you. another, if you don’t have many ideas about the timing kit, and what is contained in timing belt kits then the one box Contitech timing belt will be your best option.

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The Contitech also give vehicle-specific kits, you can install them in any kind of automobile engine. So do not frighten to buy it. It will never ever disappoint you with its service. In one box finding, all the kits are a little bit confusing. In the market there has a lot of options but if Contitech fulfills all your requirement then just go for it. Moreover do not be tensed about the delivery process. They delivered their item to Asian and European countries. Also, they give a quick delivery on domestics application.

#2 ContiTech TB922 Timing Belt

Contitech timing belt provides all the original belts. Some brands of timing belts will not give the original belt also they added belts manufactured by china. But the Contitech timing belt is original and innovated by using the latest material technology. You may find some kind of timing belts as usual technology used and being broken after completing some milage. But Contitech has been giving the assurance that makes the timing belt longer and longer-lasting.

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The replacement is only needed when the engine completed 60,000-80,000 milage. If you count mileage numbers then it will be great. Neither your vehicle can make a mess in the middle of your way. So try to count the mileage number.

The Contitech timing belt is temperature and wear-resistant. It means you do not think about the summer days when your timing belt becomes very hot and make the engine hotter. But no, there has no chance because the timing belts are heat resistant so do not worry about that.

This timing belt is maintenance-free. You do not find any haphazard in its running year. In between 60,000 to 80,000 milage it will not need to maintain it. It is soo longer lasting and makes the users happy.

#3 ContiTech (TB331K2) Timing Belt Tensioner Kit

If you are looking for a dedicated tensioner kit then Contitech will be your best option. This tensioner kit is specif for any kind of vehicle. The origin of this tensioner kit is Germany. We all know that German automobile kits are better than Chinese kits. So specifically said, it will be the best timing tensioner kit ever.

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The package of the timing belt is 17.562 X 7.874H X 29.718 weight. It will give you no issue with 30,000 milages. For saving some money do not get the cheaper timing belt tensioner kit. Then those will waste your money and time. This tensioner kit will save you time and have not found any chance to get your money wasted. In fact, the tensioner kit will run without any problem. You have to check it after completing 30,000 milages. 

Alternative products

Suppose you disagree with this product kit and trying to buy any other. Then we are also offering the gates TCKW329 timing belt with water pump. If we talk about the Contitech timing belt vs the gates timing belt, then pick one according to your preference. 

Gates timing belt has three different organized timing belts options such as:

  • Loose timing belt
  • Complete timing components kits
  • Kits with water pump

You can pick this timing belt if you are looking for any specific solution. Suppose you want to change the timing belt. Then you can buy only gates timing belt as well. Also, you can choose the three types of products your want.

Final words

Contitech timing belts are highly recommended for those who need an optimal and speedy shipping product. This is a 100% recommended product. Also, if you are tensed about good packing, then no need to do it. Contitech timing belt will give you good packaging that won’t be broken while arriving. You can buy this timing belt without feeling hesitant. If you have any questions about our Contitech Timing Belt Review then contact us.

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