Improve your plumbing skills – a simple guide

Keep these points in mind while planning the plumbing system for your home

Keep these points in mind when installing water pipes to ensure proper water supply and drainage.

1. Layout

Knowing the design of the home plumbing network is very useful. This makes it easier for you and your plumber to work when needed. Take pictures of exposed piping before plastering is complete.

water drainage

Wastewater disposal is an important aspect of plumbing. This drainage work should be checked to ensure that it is safe, sanitary, free of leaks and that the drain is properly connected to the house.

2. Leakage

Check for any leakage before starting the interior plastering. If any leaks are found, repair them immediately without damaging the tile or construction.

3. Electrical appliances

Check the connections of electrical appliances like water heaters and washing machines. Place points in multiple bathrooms to drain waste water from washing machines. Also check regularly if there is any leakage in the water heater.


Place a small chamber near the front gate of the house to connect the meter.

final exam

When doing a final check of your plumbing system, keep an eye on water pressure, water quality, heating and general operation. Check for any leakage in the tap or upper tank.

Keep these points in mind and discuss them with your plumber or contractor for fully functional, leak-free plumbing connections at home.

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