INA vs Gates timing belt – what are the best pick?

INA vs Gates timing belt

Ina vs Gates timing belt what do you think which one is best? How would you feel if your most desired automobile’s engine is not running smoothly? Seems it needs timing belt kits. We are telling about the timing belt that connects the engine’s crankshaft and the camshaft. For running two shafts at the right time the engine needs a timing belt.

After a very period, all kinds of automobile engines have to change the belt. Several types of vehicles’ requirements about timing belts vary from each other. Every vehicle does not use one specific timing belt at all. So keep in mind your budget and your vehicle type you need to decide which one is best for you. 

Here we pick two brands, the INA and the Gates timing belts. We are reviewing it partially. You just read and decide it so far which are passed with your all requirements.

Ina vs Gates timing belt- Which one is the best?

Nevertheless, we pick the two largest competitors in the timing belt industry. INA provides a high-quality timing belt. It adjusts the timing drive and extends loads of the engine. But one major issue is regular maintenance is needed for using this timing belt.

On the contrary, Gates’s timing belts ensure a reliable and quiet engine. It requires less maintenance. This timing belt can survive with heat, wear, or any slowdown. The gates timing belt is like a gorgeous mood-less girlfriend.

INA 530 0481 10 timing belt kit review

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We are reviewing the INA timing belt kit cause it is the best belt according to users, also are budget-friendly. According to the INA timing belt kit catalog, it has a vast range. They are producing more than 250 several types of timing belts.

The principal work of the timing belt is to drive the engine smoothly. It opens and closed the camshaft and the crankshaft. It does its duty in an accurate time. The belts control the movement of the timing belt with the help of tensioning pulleys and deflection pulleys.

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If the tension of the belts and camshaft differ from each other then the timing belt does not work accurately. Then It won’t be able to produce the full power. The major components of timing belts are their teeth. Only the teeth can damage the whole timing belt running ability.

5 Best INA timing belt (Kits)

The ina timing belt will give the guarantee of a repair solution. Features of these specific belts make it different. They are providing smart repair solutions. Any kind of problem that happens to timing belt INA ensures rapid repair. 

All the components of this timing belt are coordinate with each other and perfectly matched. In the market, there have more companies who are providing unmatched kits, and that creates a pain of installation and literally damages the engine.

Sometimes the timing belt drives the water pump also. INA timing belt with water pump can decrease excess repair costs. INA timing belt with water pump ensures long last repairing in a single installation. It saves money and time.

For installing new timing belts it needs 4-5 things. All the necessary things will arrive with the INA timing belt. Every part has the OEM quality. 

The timing chain kits are used to transfer the movement. It helps all the valves that they can operate together. These features are useful for not creating any noise in the engine. Any user can believe the INA timing chain blindly as it will be the right replacement for the engine. 

Here Are Some Pros & Cons Of INA 530 0481 10 Timing Belt Kit

  • This is a quality product recommended by users
  • The width of the timing belts are 24,00mm
  • It contains 83 teeth in its inside
  • Original timing belts are last over 90,000 miles
  • N/A

Gates TCKWP329 timing belt Kit review

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Our next pick is the Gates timing belt kit. We are gathering knowledge about Gates and the INA timing belt to review and compare these two. After so much research we have come to a full stop. Our Gates timing belt reviews prove to you why the Gates timing kits are best.

All the components of this kit will be exactly fitted in all types of engines. Pulley systems of timing belts carry teeth or pockets in their body. Pulleys are attached to the pulley belts and assist the timing belt to run well. The gates timing belts kit will provide the exact same brand pulleys. They have updated their pulley shim and give proper instructions on how to install it.

5 Best Gates timing belt (Kits)

Hydraulic tensioners are another attraction of gates timing belts. This is a wearable part recommended by NTN-SNR. These components check the leaks. Expert says the hydraulic tensioners should replace every time when the timing belt is exchanged.

Gates timing belt kit review.

However, the most obvious part is, the gates timing belt will come up with a water pump. The water pump drives the motor and circulants the coolant roundly. It is moved around the water jacket of a motor.

Gates’s timing belts include the most suitable belts. The belts connect the two shafts and manage the opening and the closing of the engine. Just bolt the belts and it will be ready to go. 

The instruction for installing gates timing belts are so easy to understand. If anybody is going to install it for the first time then they can without any haphazard. If a serpentine belt can be bought or use with this timing belt, it will be dressed for another thousand miles.

Gates comes with the total solution for any automobile. At this little price, they are sending more. but the quality of these kits is unchanged and becomes more powerful. On the whole, automobile industry Gates is the most completed kits comparison to others.

The timing belt kit included:

  • Tensioners & tensioner springs
  • Belts & idlers
  • Water pump
  • The installation instruction and technical service bulletin also

The performance of this timing belt never falls down. Gates are showing their expertise and experience in this industry. Day by day they are enhancing the power of their timing belt kits. Their service and significant extras are really amused, anyone.

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They are offering exact coverage. all the items are directed to work well. They are increasing their quality but giving the service at a prior rate. All the necessary gasket is included in this kit.

These timing kits are performed the entire task. It has a timing and cooling system. It smartly repairs serpentine. These kits will help users to keep their vehicles on the road always follow beginerstudio, not in the garage. It strengths the engine and keeps the engine more calm and runny.

Most companies do not serve technical service bulletins for troublesome appliances. But the gates do. They must provide a service bulletin in its box.

Here Some Pros & Cons Of Gates TCKWP329 Timing Belt Kit

  • Mechanics recommended product
  • Prevent leaking
  • Run over 105k miles
  • Detailed instructions
  • Packaging quality is high
  • Price is a little bit higher

Necessary supplementary

The timing belts should have all the parts for installation. The most needed components are timing belts, tensioner pulley, deflection pulley, and water pump. In this package, you will find all the elements that you need to replace a timing belt.

The gates are providing which exactly fits and the same material-made kits in their package. Their packages have these elements and they are made for each other. Timing belts drive the water pump. Water pumps are necessary for replacing. So in one package if all the necessary things arrive why does anybody pick another brand or company?


All we know, durability means wear and pressure the attached kit. The Gates timing Kit is durable in nature. It provides longevity also. People are not install timing belts from time to time. They exchange it after some years. So timing belt must have the quality to long last.

If any of one most important timing belts parts are stopped from working how did you feel? the personal experience says this is a very annoying matter. But if the timing belts all the components are built in one material then this trouble will not be seen, these gates timing belts are providing all the high-quality products in one set.

Check the miles

It is a clear consumption that anyone buys a timing belt for running their automotive engine for miles after miles. Thus any timing belt company does not give the guaranty of running miles, but the Gates ensure it will run up to 105k miles.

Before buying a timing belt the needy must know the miles duration. Means how many miles will it run without giving any trouble. Miles calculation is needed neither the users may face the problem in a mid-way. 

OE specific look

The gate’s timing belts are come up with an OE look. It means all the components of this kit carry OE specific look. Timing belts OE specific look is the most needed feature. It is useful for fitting and providing good performance.

Metal components

Gates company provides metal components. Without all the components are made in metal these materials may lose from each one. Some companies produce belts and pulleys made of metal and other components are made from another material. It reduces the timing belt’s longevity, so must check all the components are metal-made or not.


The timing belt must be handy. The manufacturer constantly works on this part that they are trying to shorten the size of the timing belt and make it handy. But their big challenge is making a handy timing belts kit without removing their cooling performance.

If the timing belt is lost its necessity and power by shortening its size then it will be good for nothing. The Gates are coming up with more powerful components. That’s why they can make their kits handier. Handiness is also useful for installation. 

Most of the users do not hire a mechanic to install the timing belt. By reading the instruction of the Gates timing belt the users can easily install it on their own. For its lightweight nature, any common people are also able to install it without any expert’s help. 


As timing belts need to change after a certain period. Then there is no need to spend more and extremely less. The average price-range kits are doing well or they have long-lasting terms. The Gates timing belts are mid-range products. 

This is a budget-friendly kit. If users all necessities can be fulfilled in this short budget then who will spend more? If we look at the budget, design, and material, this kit is well enough. 

Easily instructed

Timing belts installation is a more easy process but if the instruction is accurately instructed. Some companies do not write the instruction easily and users need to pay a mechanic to install the kits. 

Before buying the timing belts read the whole instruction and understand it part by part is important. Besides it, the timing belt may be installed wrongly or need extra money for hiring a mechanic.

Environment friendly

Some timing belts of the market cannot resist heat and water. The Gates ensure to give heat and water resist timing belt. It is reliable in nature. Provide the best performance in any environment. 

Timing belt must be good to go in any situation. Automobiles have to face this kind of natural disaster. So it needs to be more protected. That’s why environment-friendly timing belts is essential.


The gates timing belts are specially made for unisex adults. Man and women both can use this timing belt as their preference. We do gates timing belt reviews for adults. These automotive powerful kits are doing good in all kinds of engines. But it is specially made for adults.

Final words

I hope ina vs gates timing belt matter is closed. At last, we keep our recommendation in one product and that is the Gates timing belt. But what the users can make their own decision according to their needs. We just reviewed the INA timing belt and the Gates timing belt. Between these two we find the Gates timing belt is the best one.

Timing belts are necessary and longer-lasting (if you can pick best) product. It is more annoying to change it from time to time. So think twice before buying, the kits you are picking will give you a long-term service or not.

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