Ways to improve in English 5 Secret Tricks

When I was in the third year of Honors, I was surprised by the English speaking style of one of my classmates. Seeing his experience in this difficult language, I also want to know how to improve in English. Later he taught me the very important secret of learning English as a completely native language.

A language is much more than just its grammatical rules and basic vocabulary. Knowing a language well means understanding a whole new culture and learning to see things from a different perspective.

Only some books cannot teach you how English people speak. If you are eager to improve your English, you can be speaking English like a native in no time by using these easy ways to improve English.

Ways to do well in English

1 Watch movies in English

An easy way to improve English is to watch English movies. Because by watching movies you can learn the language as well as see different ways of applying it. Visuals help to get used to English conversation patterns and clearly get a feel for the language.

Not only movies, there are numerous documentaries made in English, which are also available online. Being exposed to a language for the length of a movie can actually help you start thinking in English

2.talk a lot

There is a proverb in Bengali, “Sing sing sing”. That is, the more you sing, the better your voice will become. At some point you will become a singer. The same is true of English. You need to practice a lot.

So be confident and speak English with people close to you as often as possible. Don’t be ashamed to make mistakes. The more you practice the better and more confident you will become. Besides, the vocabulary you know will also be enriched.

3.Read English newspapers

If you really want to do well in English, reading English newspapers will be beneficial for you. The country has several English language newspapers including broadsheets as well as magazines and tabloids. Besides, if you want, you can have a glimpse of foreign newspapers online every day.

By reading English newspapers you can stay up-to-date with current affairs. Besides, this wide range of news sources will also expand your vocabulary. Another advantage is that you can learn how to spell words and the contexts in which they are used.

4.Use the Android App

Learn English interactively in the present tense Android App Playing a great role. Both popularity and demand for these applications are increasing as they are quick, easy to access anytime and anywhere. These Android apps developed these days can often be called mini classrooms, where all the learning and teaching materials exist.

In the course we have discussed about great and effective apps like LearnEnglish Grammar (UK edition), Knudge, Quizlet and Busuu. These apps are completely free to use, along with more features. So check out these great apps as a daily companion to learning English.

5.Have a conversation in English

You continue to speak English with your friends. To grasp this important language you need to use it interactively and practice your speaking skills on your own. So do group study with friends on different sentences and if there are no such friends, try to meet someone else who is studying English.

Debate in English with friends on all topics of your interest. Try to use as much vocabulary as possible to get your point across. Also listen carefully to what others have to say, so that you can argue against them effectively.

Another option for conversations with others is to talk to yourself in the mirror or record yourself. Hearing the sound of your own voice may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you’ll be able to hear mistakes you weren’t aware of before.

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